Being a coach and/or mentor means that we place ourselves in a position of trust with our clients as a fundamental value.

Elizabeth Ellerman

For as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed connecting with people of all ages, from casual conversations with adults and teens, to storytelling with young children and the sharing my own life journey. It is my delight to discover and encourage the greatness and treasure within individuals.

I have worked in the coaching arena in many different capacities, most significantly as a mother to 3 wonderful children, Matthew and Josh, who are in their late teens, and Kelly, who is in her early twenties. I have partnered with my husband in building a successful business, providing strategic coaching for him personally and within our company. I have trained in various counselling and development courses, including Life Line. Besides leading youth and young adult programs, I have facilitated premarital and marriage counselling. For the past 13 years I have worked in the Human Resources Department of netVendor. Since joining re-Route I have worked with the Clifton Strengths assesment, helping people of all ages identify and integrate their unique strengths and talents. It is my joy to see people flourish and realize that there is so much more within them. I look forward to meeting all my future clients.

Unpacking my strengths with a re-Route coach helped me understand why I react in specific ways to situations, which was very empowering. Thank you re-Route for opening my life up to me. I actually understand myself much better, it has only taken 45 years.

Dennis Ellerman

48 years old