Ladies' Testimonials

Anna Destiny (31)

Coach: Elizabeth Ellerman

Elizabeth has changed my life and helped me find my identity. I have never known who I am and never felt like someone. I have always felt like I was a mistake. I only believed what I was told as a child, which was not good. Doing coaching helped me understand myself. I thoroughly enjoyed Elizabeth’s gentle approach with me. I feel like I know myself now and understand who I am. I feel like I have been prepared for my next season. I feel like a boost after years of not knowing who I am.

There is such a change in me that I can’t even articulate. I don’t feel like I have to search so much anymore around who I am. I now know who I am and that’s my start.

Carol Foster (48)

Coach: Elizabeth Ellerman

Knowing your strengths and having someone explain them is life changing.

Elizabeth has such profound insight into each strength and was able to unpack them in such a way that I could positively apply who I am to my personal life and to my future career choices. I have walked away from the time spent with her with a deeper understanding of myself. So often we see our strengths in the negative but Elizabeth has helped me pull my natural qualities to the surface and to proudly step into all life has for me.

I feel like I have been given a compass to navigate the next exciting season of my life.

Jodi Stainton (50)

Coach: Elizabeth Ellerman

I was very fortunate to have had Liz unpack my Strengths for me after having completed the online Gallup Strengthfinder’s questionnaire. She gave me very clear insight and understanding of my top 10 Strengths and how these Strengths work together in my life to make me unique.

This understanding and insight really built my confidence and gave me a very deep sense of unique identity, as well as giving me clear direction for my career path going forward. What was especially helpful was the analogy of how we can operate our strengths from the “balcony” or “basement.” We can operate our strengths optimally when we learn how to balance them and use them in a positive way.

I found that the understanding of my strengths has not only helped me in the area of career, but in marriage, parenting and other relationships. I have also learnt to be less judgemental and more appreciative of others who have different strengths from mine, knowing that they too are unique in their makeup and have their specific purpose. We can all operate and see life differently and at the same time benefit from each other’s strengths and work together in a very positive and powerful way. Understanding my Strengths has been life changing. Liz has great insight and discernment and a heart to help people see the best in themselves. I can highly recommend her.