Teen Testimonials

Paige Tedder (19)

Coach: Elizabeth Ellerman

I really enjoyed my Gallup Strengths coaching with Elizabeth as it assisted me in getting to know and understand myself better. Elizabeth explained each of my themes to me and she dug deeper into what they all mean and how one can live them out in their lives in a beneficial way (being in the balcony) or not living them out to their full potential (being in the basement). Elizabeth helped me to identify where in my life I have been living in the basement with my themes and she gave tips and strategies on how I can live them out to their full potential. I was able to identify the ways in which I have been living my themes out in my life and how I can potentially manage them better in the future. This helped me to understand myself better and why it is I do things in a certain way.

The coaching has assisted me in managing myself in a more effective and beneficial way for myself and those around me. Elizabeth was incredibly dedicated to me and my growth during our sessions. She was engaging and she encouraged me to thinking deeper.