This is an Individual Competition so let’s begin.

Here Are The Rules:

1. Complete the following sentence: “Family Week Is Awesome Because…………”

2. Send your answer to our re-Route email address. Just click on this link:


One of our Finalists: My family is not ordinary.  We are the perfect family, it doesn’t matter what we look like, we look perfect to me, we got every kind of mood I feel so lucky indeed! They can keep on talking I don’t mind, because we are family.  My family encourages me to do my best.  The thing about my family that makes them extraordinary is their spirit, the way they make you laugh in sad times, the way their hugs are so comforting and the way that we trust one another.  No matter what I do my family will always love me.  That makes me feel good!
My dad is the leader of our home, and the best one yet!  My mom is extremely organized and always manages to fit everything in no matter what!  My sister can get a bit annoying but with the experience I’ve had with her I am a changed person!  I also figured out that I can’t get rid of her, she is my friend for life, the only friend that will stick to me like wood glue.  Family week meant a lot to me because I got a chance to spend time with the people I love.

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